Born, educated, trained and employed in England, I worked as an actor before immigrating to Canada.

I’ve been type casted as the troubled teenager, young mother, damsel in distress, comedic transgender in pantomines, even the evil fairy in a majestical land.

Each and every role has brought a new challenge to the table, I adore facing new challenges and now I have to face one which I easily get lost in; travelling.

I want to be faced with a new and challenging script, to allow me to explore my techniques on a deeper level. Making the imaginary the reality is one of my favourite genres; fantasy, action and thriller. Comedy is always a winner.

TV Commercials have been a blast to work on, the teams are huge and the budget exceeds my imagination. Working collaboratively as a team ignites a fire inside me. I am driven to work in Theatre, TV & Film.

You can find out more by following my latest travel adventures on my second channel:

Milly’s World Tv